Geneva Bathroom Remodeling

geneva bathroom remodeling

Your Bathroom, Your Riverside Retreat

Nestled by the Fox River, Geneva homes embody serenity. At Andronic Construction and Remodeling, we aspire to infuse this serenity within your bathroom, transforming it from a mere utility space to your retreat. Staying true to Geneva’s ambiance, we craft bathrooms that are a reflection of nature’s calm.

Fixtures and Fittings:

Leveraging our relationships with local suppliers, we bring to you fixtures and fittings that fit the town’s vibe. From faucets that mimic waterfalls to modern tiles, we use elements that fit with Geneva’s essence.

Flooring and Tiles:

Working in tandem with Geneva’s top material experts, our mission is to provide flooring options that blend with the local environment. Whether you’re leaning towards the rustic vibe of slate or the organic feel of bamboo, our offerings are made to suit your desires.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in capturing Geneva’s serene vibes. Teaming up with local lighting specialists, we use lighting designs that perfectly balance mood and utility, reminiscent of the soft glow of sunset by the river.

More Than Just Bathrooms

While bathrooms remain our specialty in Geneva, our abilities span a wide array of home projects. Supported by Geneva’s best suppliers and artisans, our work capture the town’s spirit of tranquility and beauty.

Comfort Meets Elegance

A carefully curated bathroom not only elevates your home’s appeal but serves as a space echoing the serenity of your Geneva surroundings. Rely on our vast experience and strong partnerships to craft a bathroom that’s exactly what you need in your home.