Home Additions

big suburb house with an addition and backyard

What exactly is an “Addition”?

What is an “addition”? In remodeling, an “addition” means you’re adding new space to your home. It’s different from just changing what’s inside; you’re making the house bigger. Here’s what qualifies as an addition:

  1. Making a Room Bigger: Like making your kitchen or living room larger by adding more space to it.
  2. Adding a New Room: This could be an extra bedroom, bathroom, or even a sunroom where you can relax.
  3. Building Up: Adding a whole new floor or level to your house.
  4. Garage Space: Making your garage bigger or adding one if you didn’t have it before.
  5. Separate Small House: Adding a tiny house in your backyard for guests or family.

And remember, since you’re changing the size of your home, you’ll more often than not, need a permit from your city or town for the project.

What are the benefits of an Addition?

An addition to your home like a garage, extra bedroom or bathroom, expanding your current spaces, or even an entire level to your home, can significantly boost your homes overall value. Expanding the livable space appeals to potential buyers, making properties with recent additions more attractive. The benefit is two-fold as you enjoy the addition while you live there. Then, often leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) when the home is sold.

How Do I use the Estimator?

Our online estimator serves as a valuable tool for you. It offers a preliminary estimate that takes into account project size, specific details, and your preferences.

This user-friendly addition estimator provides a rough idea of the potential costs of your project, helping you gain initial insights into the financial aspects. However, we always encourage you to contact ACR for a more comprehensive consultation.

Our team is here to delve deeper into your unique needs, discuss your vision in detail, and provide an accurate, personalized estimate for your home addition that aligns precisely with your expectations. Your project deserves the attention and expertise that only a direct conversation with our professionals can provide.

Reach out to someone on our team via a phone call or text at (630) 503 – 8009. You can also email us at info@andcandr.com with any questions.

Don’t hesitate, get started with the addition estimator below.

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