Inverness Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling

Your Bathroom, Your Majestic Retreat

Amidst the sprawling estates of Inverness, homes speak of legacy and grandeur. At Andronic Construction and Remodeling, we view your bathroom as an extension of this legacy—a majestic retreat. Capturing Inverness’s stately aura, we specialize in bathrooms that exude both opulence and character.

Fixtures and Fittings:

Our robust alliance with Inverness’s distinguished suppliers permits us to offer fixtures and fittings befitting the town’s regal lineage. From faucets adorned with gemstones to regency-inspired bath tubs, we curate a selection that embodies majesty.

Flooring and Tiles:

Engaging with Inverness’s seasoned material artisans, we endeavor to match your regal aspirations with tangible luxury. Whether your aesthetic leans towards the polished charm of Italian marble or the aristocratic grandeur of herringbone hardwood, we cater to the discerning tastes of Inverness.


The essence of regality lies as much in illumination as in shadow. Collaborating with Inverness’s lighting maestros, we sculpt a luminous atmosphere that heightens the royal ambiance, yet ensures utility.

More Than Just Bathrooms

While bathrooms are our tour de force in Inverness, our proficiency encompasses an expansive gamut of home embellishments. Drawing upon Inverness’s finest suppliers and artisans, our renovations are reflective of the town’s noble essence.

A Legacy of Luxury

An exquisitely envisioned bathroom not only serves as a personal oasis but stands as a testimony to the grandeur of your Inverness estate. Harnessing our vast expertise and unparalleled connections, your journey to opulence is set on a sure path.