LaGrange Home Additions

lagrange home additions

Your Domain, Your Desire

In LaGrange, where every home is a blend of heritage and harmony, Andronic Construction and Remodeling adds layers of luxury, forging additions that reflect LaGrange’s legacy and your deepest desires.

Design and Structure:

Gleaning inspiration from LaGrange’s tapestry of terrains, our designs marry modernism with mystique. Whether it’s a suave sunroom or a voguish veranda, it resonates with LaGrange’s luminescence and your vivid vision.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

Tied to LaGrange’s elite suppliers, we source materials symbolizing strength and style. With our artisanal acumen, these materials manifest into majestic masterpieces, echoing the ethos of LaGrange.

Finishing Touches:

Collaborating with LaGrange’s luminaries of design, we embellish your space with grandeur — from ornate overhangs to luxe laminates, marking every milieu.

Our engagement in LaGrange transcends home additions. Through an array of architectural artistry, we turn homes into harmonious havens, cherishing the charm of LaGrange.

For the LaGrange connoisseur, additions are arenas of art and affection. With Andronic’s expertise and LaGrange’s backdrop, these arenas amplify aspirations.