Lombard Bathroom Remodeling

lombard bathroom remodeling

Your Bathroom, Your Blossoming Space

Lombard exudes beauty and natural splendor. At Andronic Construction and Remodeling, we craft your bathroom with the same floral essence, turning it from a mere functional area to a blossoming space of rejuvenation.

Fixtures and Fittings:

Our collaborations with Lombard’s premium suppliers mean you get fixtures and fittings that echo the town’s botanical charm. From faucets that emulate the flow of a gentle stream to vanities reminiscent of rustic gardens, our selection is both fresh and invigorating.

Flooring and Tiles:

Aligning with Lombard’s best material craftsmen, we strive to incorporate flooring and tiles that capture the town’s verdant vibes. Whether it’s the green hues of slate or the organic patterns of terracotta, we handpick options that resonate with nature.


The subtle play of light can evoke the feeling of sun-dappled gardens. Working closely with Lombard’s lighting aficionados, we aim for a luminous environment that mimics the soft glow of sunshine filtering through lilac bushes.

More Than Just Bathrooms

While bathrooms are our pride in Lombard, our expertise covers an array of home enhancements. Engaging with the town’s eminent suppliers and craftsmen, our endeavors reflect Lombard’s natural elegance and grace.

Nature’s Gentle Touch

A bathroom crafted with care not only uplifts your mood but transports you to the fragrant gardens of Lombard. Through our comprehensive services and unique partnerships, we bring nature’s gentle touch to your home.