Lombard Home Additions

lombard home additions

Your Abode, Your Aspiration

Nestled in the vibrant vistas of Lombard, homes whisper tales of tradition and trends. At Andronic Construction and Remodeling, we amplify these tales, curating home additions that seamlessly blend with Lombard’s lively spirit and your personalized aspirations.

Design and Structure:

Drawing from Lombard’s rich architectural array, our designs encapsulate elegance and efficiency. Whether it’s a chic conservatory or a plush patio, every addition mirrors Lombard’s landscape and your imaginative ideals.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

In association with Lombard’s trusted suppliers, we procure materials epitomizing durability and dazzle. Entrusted to our craftsmen, these transform into terrains of timeless beauty, echoing Lombard’s ethos.

Finishing Touches:

In collaboration with Lombard’s design doyens, we grace your space with distinctive details — from modern murals to vintage vaults, refining every recess.

While Lombard home additions are our forte, our palette of prowess stretches across diverse domains of architectural art, encapsulating the essence of Lombard.

In Lombard, every home addition isn’t just an annex; it’s an articulation of art. With Andronic’s discerning touch and Lombard’s legacy, we architect these articulations, layer by lustrous layer.