Oak Brook Bathroom Remodeling

oak brook bathroom remodeling

Your Bathroom, Your Pinnacle of Luxury

Oak Brook, with its premium estates and upscale vibe, demands interiors that are the epitome of luxury. At Andronic Construction and Remodeling, we visualize your bathroom as more than just a space—it’s your pinnacle of indulgence.

Fixtures and Fittings:

Leveraging our ties with Oak Brook’s crème de la crème suppliers, we curate fixtures and fittings that speak of unrivaled opulence. From gold-trimmed sinks to smart-tech showers, our offerings are nothing short of lavish.

Flooring and Tiles:

Teaming up with Oak Brook’s distinguished material experts, our goal is to lay down a foundation of pure luxury. Whether your preference leans towards the crystalline gleam of quartz or the plush feel of underfoot heating, our selections cater to the most discerning tastes.


In the world of luxury, lighting sets the stage. With Oak Brook’s elite lighting designers by our side, we fashion lighting solutions that aren’t just functional, but a statement in themselves.

More Than Just Bathrooms

While bathrooms stand out as our specialty in Oak Brook, our craftsmanship extends to all dimensions of high-end home makeovers. With the town’s top-tier suppliers and artisans, every project is a testament to Oak Brook’s stature of luxury.

Where Elegance Reigns Supreme

An opulent bathroom is a daily indulgence and a significant enhancement to your Oak Brook mansion. Trust in our vast expertise and deep-rooted connections to usher in an era of unmatched grandeur.