Plainfield Bathroom Remodeling

plainfield bathroom remodeling

Your Bathroom, Your Rustic Retreat

With Plainfield’s rich history and charming landscapes, homes here fit a warm, rustic allure. At Andronic Construction and Remodeling, we recognize the beauty in this simplicity, ensuring your Plainfield bathroom remodel emerges as a retreat.

Fixtures and Fittings:

We work with Plainfield’s suppliers, we present fixtures and fittings that fir the town’s charm. From faucets that look old-world pumps to vanities crafted from reclaimed wood, the options are endless

Flooring and Tiles in Your Plainfield Bathroom Remodel:

Joining hands with Plainfield’s local stores, our intent is to offer flooring that captures the town’s undying heritage. Whether it’s the rugged charm of stone or the warm tones of barn wood, we cater to every dream.


To revive the aura of days gone by, lighting plays a pivotal role. Collaborating with Plainfield’s local stores, we craft lighting designs that mirror the soft glow of lantern-lit evenings.

More Than Just Bathrooms

Our craftsmanship spans an across a canvas of home projects. Teaming up with the town’s suppliers, our work mirrors Plainfield’s essence.

Reconnecting with Roots

A bathroom draped in elements that serve as a serene escape, reminding one of Plainfield’s legacy. Rely on our understanding and partnerships to weave history into modernity.