Pricing and Financing

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Pricing and Financing: Our Clear & Honest Approach

Construction and remodeling is an investment. Transparency, honesty, and accessibility are vital to our pricing philosophy at ACR. We are open about our pricing and financing. We strive to provide clients with a clear understanding of every dollar spent on their project, taking pride in our detailed line item pricing.

The lack of uniform standards in the construction industry can be confusing. We simplify this by having a clear estimating process. We not only invite you to visit our pricing tools to familiarize yourself with the cost of materials and projects, but also invite you to discuss the price with out team so we can collaborate to land on the best fit.

The ACR Difference in Pricing

Our pricing aims to:

  • Cover the necessary materials and labor.
  • Contribute to essential overhead costs like tools and insurance.
  • Compensate for the risk and responsibility of being in the construction business.

To refresh on our Step-by-Step Process click below.

Financing: Total Price Split Into Monthly Payments

At ACR, we know that remodeling projects are investments, not only in your day to day, but also in the value of your home.

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We have partnered with Hearth to bring you financing. See your personalized monthly payment options within minutes and without affecting your credit score. No prepayment penalties. No home equity required.

Hearth makes it easy for you to find monthly financing payment options for the price of your project, with:

Loan amounts up to $250,000

Affordable monthly payment options

Funding within 1-3 days

No prepayment penalties

No home equity required

Find convenient monthly payment options for your project. See your personalized payment plans without affecting your credit score now.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our kitchen, bathroom, and addition estimating tools. They are linked below: